Just thinking...


I took my bowl and went door to door

begging with forlorn eyes

To approve of me and love me more.

Hoping that there was one soul who would

See me for who I am and complete parts of me,

Which I was afraid to show.

I finally realized that, that was their story too,

Their holes were bigger and their begging bowls too!

Then I met a wise man who told me,look inside you,

you are holding the ocean in a bowl called ‘You’!

Just thinking..., Poems

I am a woman!

I am a woman!

I am a woman.

The world dictates,

what I should wear,

how long my skirts should be,

And my perfect size in centimeters.

I am a woman.

And the world tells me,

If I speak freely I am a flirt,

If I sleep around I am a slut,

If I don’t agree to what you say,

I am a bitch.

I am a woman.

And the world objectifies me,

For the shiny car they need to sell.

For the booze that needs to clear your head.

For their desire to be kindled I need to dress.

In skimpy, tight clothes that don’t fit.

I am a woman.

And the rules are set,

To be the perfect wife who cooks three meals.

To earn money to compensate the rising needs.

To be a mother, caregiver and a pleasure in bed.

I am a woman.

I take back my power,

To feel an equal,

To be respected because I am no less,

To be paid for my talents not based on my gender instead.

To make my own decision because I am equipped,

with grey matter inside my head.