From God

If you could see yourself the way I see you,
You are as beautiful as a flower that has bloomed
Filled with talents that are bestowed only to you.

You are unique as every leaf on a tree
unique as the eye that you see

Look within and let your diamond shine
You have within you a little gold mine

Give it for the welfare of humanity
and make this beautiful planet a little better before you leave.




I build cements wall for the houses
But my house stands with tin sheets
I mend and shine shoes
But my slippers are worn out thin
I harvest crops for the world to eat
But my kids go to bed hungry
I wash your clothes
But I am scared if I wash mine it will shred
Who do I question about my status?
If there is one with answers let me know
I am the worker bee and my life is being squeezed out of me
Cause I have been crushed and discarded by the society that uses me.
So save me and give me hope that a
better tomorrow awaits me.
For I need to carry my frail legs to work,
Believing someone is looking out for me too.