Excuse me? Mr.Excuses


Every time my heart swells with pride
at an idea that just felt right.

I hear a knock on the other side.
“Who is it?” I ask,
Wincing to hear the answer;
As I know too well, who it might be.

In walks Mr.EXCUSES with the list of all things that can go wrong
Making me shudder with fear at my own stupid thoughts.

I stuff my brilliant idea and walk around being numb
Doing everything that is not meaningful; but feeling kind of glum.

My little voice doesn’t give up; he whispers to me at night

“So what if the world laughs at you at least it feels right. Do that which ignites you and show off your light. Do not die another death by trying to ignore. Please don’t give up; let us try once more.”

This time I hear the knock again,
Louder than before.
In comes Mr.EXCUSES puffier and red,
Don’t listen to the little voice because you’ve got duty to be fulfilled,Cobwebs to dust and stomachs to fill.

I have tried that I tell Mr.EXCUSES to please everyone,
But no one is fulfilled and my life feels numb.
I go on about my day on auto-drive,
Stuffing myself with food and gossips,
Buying gold and clothes to fill up my time; but still I feel empty inside.

I think all I have is this one life to live;
So let me start small even if it seems stupid.
Let me fall; let me stumble; let me break into a thousand pieces.
Let people laugh; let them mock but I know at least I tried.
So please Mr.EXCUSES, let us work together this time.

Let us make excuses to spend time on things that I love
Unwrapping gifts within me which I am born to give.
Spreading light and love because I feel happy and free.
Even if no one is happy because I followed my own path;
I can die happily without my hearts wrath!