A New, New Year’s List


My heart is excited at the blank new page that is before me,
Things to do, things to accomplish, places to see,
The list is endless and as same as the previous years I feel.

In this New Year,

What if I focus on joy and that which brings my soul alive?
What if I learn to let go, instead of holding on tight?
What if I learn to listen, instead of trying to tell my side?
What if I learn to love, no matter what their slights?
What if I learn to forgive, instead of defending my right?
What if I learn to live this day – one day at a time?
What if I can carve some alone time to hear the whispers of my heart?
What if I learn to live like my inner child who I had left behind?
Because in the end, it is not what I accomplished in the world that counts,
But how many lives I’ve touched and how alive I was – while I lived, that’s paramount.

—By Nimmu


Simple pleasures!


Taking shallow breaths on the hospital bed,
the movie of my life runs through my head.
Of battles won and paths of temptations,
Of hatred and jealousy’s manifestations,
Of anger and fear spewed at situations.

Then comes memories of love at first sight,
Smile of my son which brought so much delight
Smell of my daughter’s shampooed hair,
the days of my motor cycling on the mountains without a care.

Simple pleasures which cannot be measured with money,
Makes me smile and my heart glow with its memories.

Then I realize the futile life I had lived,
Searching for “highs” that were short-lived.

If I had known that only memories I would take,
I would have strived on slowing down to smell the roses
and enjoy life’s simple joy for my heart’s sake!