Be in the moment!

My first step out of my bed
makes my mind run ahead;
Planning things that I need to do
Wishing I had already done some yesterday too
I hurry, I scramble, I get the children out of bed
I prod them, I scold them and threaten to leave them instead.
My mind is in a panic now
Thinking of all the things I need to get done.
I drop them off to school in a hurry
And press the accelerator and zoom
Stuck in traffic I cuss the world

The rain, the thunder which is adding to the fuel.
I take a deep breath and sigh
And look out of my window to see a smile.
A toothless grin so innocent and without guile
Jolts me back to the present moment without strife.
Bringing me memories of bygone years of my children.
A tear creeps up, a sorrow takes hold thinking of how I never enjoy
The small special moments that make my everyday.

The laughter of my children, the sound of chirping birds, the shapes of those clouds
That linger on the sky.
I vowed to myself to be more aware of those simple pleasures,
To be in the moment and not stress the little things.
For things that I did are not written on my grave
But whom I loved and leave behind will be those who say my name.




I see the flowers wither
I see the seasons change
I see an infant take his first step
I see my child step into adolecence
I see my friends grow old
and my loved ones march to the grave
In this ever changing world
Why do I assume I am just the same
Oh! foolish one – ignorant art though
to the passage of time that flows one way
and engulfs all and leaves none untouched
Find the real you behind the veil and escape this place
For one day a grave will be made in your name and more fools
will watch thinking theres more time for themselves!