In my perfect world…

In my perfect world,
We will live without borders
Reach out to one another in time of disorder.

In my perfect world,
We will speak a language everyone understands
Leave our egos and love will outstand.

In my perfect world,
Not one human goes to bed hungry without food
We will strive to provide and share all that is good.

In my perfect world,
Money will not be our currency of trade
But talents and services will be exchanged.

In my perfect world,
Whatever we manufacture will be degradable
That which is not, will at least be reusable.

In my perfect world,
For every tree that is cut down
A thousand will be planted.
Animals will be given space to wander.
We will let them live without human encounter.

In my perfect world,
Every child will be cherished and taught about this magical place,
So that he grows up to protect and guard it and leaves it
better than the previous human race.



Balance balance is the key
too much of anything is not good for me

Chocolates and candies taste so good
but for me, it is not good food

Pizzas are tasty, I like to have them everyday
but my tummy protests in a very strong way

Colas and juices are so sweet
but they make cavities in my teeth

So I choose a colorful pallet everyday
and I tell my friends it is the right way

So balance balance is the key
to glow and shine and be healthy!,

By Nimmu & Nikhil
Yesterday and my son had fun writing this poem. I said the first line
and he rhymed it perfectly with the second lines.