UNICEF/ HQ97-0097/Donna DeCesare

Born into poverty
Raised with abandon
In dust and dirt I found pleasures
In the trees and night skies I weaved my dreams
Dreams of being treasured and valued
Dream of living a normal life…
Of clean dresses and good schooling
Of sleep without the noise of crickets screeching
and dew drops pelting on my tin roof
That which is taken for granted I promised to treasure
Maybe in another life my heart whispers
But my mind wanders to fill my nights with dreams







Raindrops drenching treetops;
Mother earth quenching her thirst;
Rivers welcoming fresh waters;
Worms hiding in their holes;
Brings memories of yesteryears
of paperboats and squishy mud
and pitter patter on my window;
of gum boots and puddles and the pure joy of being a child,
The kid in me reminds me that to be happy I don’t need much.