Life and death a parenthesis in eternity
What I do in between is entirely left to me.
The circumstances that I was born into
Was exactly what I needed for my soul to evolve consciously.
But where I went from there
Was the choice bestowed unto me.
I have the power, I have the choice
To make this place hell or a place to rejoice.
I could wallow in self-pity, blame others for my problem
and cry out at the injustice done unto me.
Or use the lessons that I learnt to help some other soul
Be a beacon of hope and guide them to their true North Pole.
Spread love instead of bitterness, forgive instead of spitefulness, be grateful and not complain.
Help me God to remember these choices and to live without disdain.



Who am I? Why am I here?
Who am I? Why am I here?

In the dark lonely hours when I was with myself,
Questions and nagging doubts got down from the hidden dark shelves.
Where I had stacked them neatly, buried them deeply to prevent the anxiety from taking a hold.

Why am I here? Where did I come from? Who am I?

Stood out one by one before me.
Pointing a finger and asking me not to hide them, but begging me to free them with an answer instead.

I got many books on hold,
Read through the scriptures that were told.
Listened to the teachers who said
They had all the answers in their fold.
Tried many a tricks, followed many a pricks
Felt used and disoriented as I still had no answer to the questions that stood.

As I lay awake in the dark with my heart so heavy,
Deciding finally, to lock those questions tightly.
In the silence of that night I finally heard
A little voice crystal clear.
You are the answer to the questions asked.
Look within and find the spark.
That which pervades this whole wide world,
Is waiting inside for you to unfold.

No master, no books can take you in there,
For you are your own master for your soul to bare.
Sit in silence and watch your own breath
It is as simple as that.

Then you realize beneath the cloud of thoughts on the sky of your SELF
A shining light that is in every flower, every bee and the kelp.

Then you find the peace, the joy, the happiness that you have searched around,
Waiting for you to unlock and for it to unbound!


Tell Me O heart…


What do I tell of this heart…
What it wants I fathom not.
All the riches, all the food, all the clothes doesn’t seem to fill in this huge void,
The more I take in the more it gets annoyed.
After all the momentary pleasures are devoured
Asking me now what? Is this it? Is this all?
Is this life all about?
Tell me O heart.. speak to me loud and clear
What do you want?
What will lift you from this dark veil that you have dawned upon yourself?
What will bring in the cheer that you once held?
What can I do to bring that childhood happiness?
What will make me live me in this moment?
Because when I am here you want to be there;
When I am there you wish you were here.
All the things that are yet to come weighs you down
All that are dead and gone hang on like cloud.
Tell me o heart? What do you want?
Let peace fill in those holes and purpose fill my soul.
O heart …my window to my soul…speak out loud and clear
So I can live my life without regret and fear.


A second chance…


A little sunshine peaked through my window,
Marking the dawn of a brand new day.
I sighed and I whined to get up from my cozy bed
Wishing I had another hour instead.
Hated that I had to go to a job I disliked
Thinking about my boss made my blood spike.
Complained that I had to wash all the dishes,
Felt disgusted looking at the laundry and the other messes.
I got into my car thinking how my life sucked.
Feeling I was the only one stuck in muck.

Little did I realize that my day was going to turn upside down.
Giving me all the more reasons to frown.

Lying on the hospital bed sterile and grey,
My foot stuck on a metal rod and medicines filling my bedside tray.
My mind made me go through all the yesterday’s.
All the grumbling and whining I had done brought me to shame.
I wished I was back huddled in my cozy bed all safe
I promised God that I would pray each day to get his grace.
To appreciate the things that I had without complain.
And to give up the things that are too bane.
To live each day as if there’s no tomorrow
Because when death is at your door step there is no time to weep in sorrow;
Plant a smile on my face and spread love in leaps and bounds.
For at the end of the day it is how many people’s heart you touched that counts.
Please God… give me a second opportunity to do it right…
I promise that you would not have any regrets because I will try with all my might.
To be the person you wanted me to be;
Loving, joyful and happy and just be me!


One day as a child…

Sometimes life bogs me down,
With responsibilities and duties to everyone.
The everyday mundane things make me frown.
Making me ignore my spirit and losing my bounce.

Where is the excitement? Where is the thrill?
Where are the drums, whistles and frills?

I wanted to grow up so eagerly.
But life’s shackles has taken hold of me tightly.

I wish I could be a kid for one day,
Making sand castles, jumping on puddles and making funny shapes out of clay.

Finding joy in the littlest things
Laughing out loud by making silly songs.

Eating candies and marshmallows without a guilt.
Feeling happy to exist in this wonderful place filled with magic.
Living my life with enthusiasm
And digging myself out of this self made chasm.

Oh I wish I could be a child for one day…
And never forget that this life is indeed a grand holiday!


Excuse me? Mr.Excuses


Every time my heart swells with pride
at an idea that just felt right.

I hear a knock on the other side.
“Who is it?” I ask,
Wincing to hear the answer;
As I know too well, who it might be.

In walks Mr.EXCUSES with the list of all things that can go wrong
Making me shudder with fear at my own stupid thoughts.

I stuff my brilliant idea and walk around being numb
Doing everything that is not meaningful; but feeling kind of glum.

My little voice doesn’t give up; he whispers to me at night

“So what if the world laughs at you at least it feels right. Do that which ignites you and show off your light. Do not die another death by trying to ignore. Please don’t give up; let us try once more.”

This time I hear the knock again,
Louder than before.
In comes Mr.EXCUSES puffier and red,
Don’t listen to the little voice because you’ve got duty to be fulfilled,Cobwebs to dust and stomachs to fill.

I have tried that I tell Mr.EXCUSES to please everyone,
But no one is fulfilled and my life feels numb.
I go on about my day on auto-drive,
Stuffing myself with food and gossips,
Buying gold and clothes to fill up my time; but still I feel empty inside.

I think all I have is this one life to live;
So let me start small even if it seems stupid.
Let me fall; let me stumble; let me break into a thousand pieces.
Let people laugh; let them mock but I know at least I tried.
So please Mr.EXCUSES, let us work together this time.

Let us make excuses to spend time on things that I love
Unwrapping gifts within me which I am born to give.
Spreading light and love because I feel happy and free.
Even if no one is happy because I followed my own path;
I can die happily without my hearts wrath!


One day without electricity


One day without electricity,
I feel like a fish out of the sea.

without nothing whizzing, spinning and blaring constantly
makes my day go by quietly.

Without the internet which connects me to humanity
It feels like my umbilical chord’s been cut off abruptly.

I smile and wander at my inability
to live my life without electricity.

My phone is dead, my food is stale,
Ironing clothes piled up in bales.

My croaking voice is the only music I get,
Which I am sure my neighbors will object.

One day without electricity
I wonder how simple life would have been.
Without gadgets delivering my information instantly
I am sure my time would have been spent much more creatively.

By Nimmu

Poem collection, Poems

A little


Dab a little,
Paint a little,
Sing a little,
Dance a little,
Find out what you love.

Weave a little,
Explore a little,
Plant a little,
Play a little,
Find time to do what you love.

Laze a little,
Navigate the maze a little,
Write a little,
To try and find your fiddle.

When you have discovered your mettle,
Don’t hesitate to showoff a little
and play your own tune tonight!


In my perfect world…

In my perfect world,
We will live without borders
Reach out to one another in time of disorder.

In my perfect world,
We will speak a language everyone understands
Leave our egos and love will outstand.

In my perfect world,
Not one human goes to bed hungry without food
We will strive to provide and share all that is good.

In my perfect world,
Money will not be our currency of trade
But talents and services will be exchanged.

In my perfect world,
Whatever we manufacture will be degradable
That which is not, will at least be reusable.

In my perfect world,
For every tree that is cut down
A thousand will be planted.
Animals will be given space to wander.
We will let them live without human encounter.

In my perfect world,
Every child will be cherished and taught about this magical place,
So that he grows up to protect and guard it and leaves it
better than the previous human race.


From God

If you could see yourself the way I see you,
You are as beautiful as a flower that has bloomed
Filled with talents that are bestowed only to you.

You are unique as every leaf on a tree
unique as the eye that you see

Look within and let your diamond shine
You have within you a little gold mine

Give it for the welfare of humanity
and make this beautiful planet a little better before you leave.