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Humans are born with only two fears – fear of falling and fear of loud noise.
But as an adult, if we take stock, I bet we can list more than twenty fears!

The fear of failure, the fear of trying new things, the fear of looking ridiculous, the fear of public speaking, the fear of new circumstance and the list goes on.

But life happens on the other side of fear. Fear is a mechanism to keep us safe but in being safe all our life, what if we have never lived life to the fullest?

When I started writing, I was riddled with fear. What if people laugh at me? Who am I to write in the first place? The fear of ridicule was the biggest. I did receive some hurtful reviews, but the love of writing over took me. I knew I was the happiest when I wrote or expressed myself through poems, so I tried my best to overcome that fear. The thing is, as an artist or a writer, we have to accept your words will not resonate with everyone. That is okay.

You do things because you want to do it, you love to do it and that is enough to overcome any fear.

So what fear can you overcome this year to be more alive?

4 thoughts on “Fear”

  1. Persistent efforts to achieve your goal will always help you grow. In this process fear prevails,but your efforts will definitely knock them down to become a better writer each passing day. Keep writing!

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