Tell Me O heart…


What do I tell of this heart…
What it wants I fathom not.
All the riches, all the food, all the clothes doesn’t seem to fill in this huge void,
The more I take in the more it gets annoyed.
After all the momentary pleasures are devoured
Asking me now what? Is this it? Is this all?
Is this life all about?
Tell me O heart.. speak to me loud and clear
What do you want?
What will lift you from this dark veil that you have dawned upon yourself?
What will bring in the cheer that you once held?
What can I do to bring that childhood happiness?
What will make me live me in this moment?
Because when I am here you want to be there;
When I am there you wish you were here.
All the things that are yet to come weighs you down
All that are dead and gone hang on like cloud.
Tell me o heart? What do you want?
Let peace fill in those holes and purpose fill my soul.
O heart …my window to my soul…speak out loud and clear
So I can live my life without regret and fear.


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