What story are we telling ourselves? – Day 6

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

I consider myself a storyteller. But a year back I had an epiphany that in a way we are all story tellers! We tell the story of our life from the memories that we had in the past. Life isn’t always fair and most of us go through things that we would not wish them on our enemies. But how our future unfolds, is always based on the story we tell ourselves.

Our past might not be perfect, but instead of retelling the story from a victim’s stand point of view if we learn to re-narrate our story from victor’s point of view about how we over came a challenge with resilience, I bet we would feel more confident, worthy and love ourselves more!

Especially when we were young, we did not have the power to change our life as we were dependent on the adults around us. But once we are an adult, we have the power to take action and change our perspective on anything, including our past.

So how can you start re-telling your story from today?


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